Payroll Outsourcing... Avoid headaches!

With Labor & Fiscal & Social Security Obligations.

Mexico's Consulting and Outsourcing Services. 

Grupo Ono Outsourcing, has a fail-proof service model, so, your company complies on time and in form with all processes with the IMSS (social security), including the SUA (computer program that calculates employer-worker contributions).

Do you frequently have problems of control or calculation in the integration of salaries for purposes of obligations with Social Security institutions? Wouldn't like to forget the complications with calculations of employer-worker contributions to be paid, for the SUA?

Grupo Ono Outsourcing offers a complementary service, so, our Payroll Processing Clients; comply with the payment to their employees, being fully in line with their Social Security and Fiscal obligations.

Our service with IMSS and SUA, ensures that these processes, plus reports and corresponding payments, are carried out in a timely manner, in accordance with the current provisions of laws, regulations and procedures.