Grupo Ono Outsourcing

Grupo Ono Outsourcing.- is a Group of leading companies specialized in Human Capital at the Mexican market. With over 20 years of experience and specialists in areas of Labor, Tax, Social Security, Legal and IT; and qualified professionals in payroll, recruitment & selection, payroll outsourcing services, personnel administration and rental of software for payroll and human resources modules.

We guarantee the total quality of our services!

Outsourcing Services for the human capital of foreign companies in Mexico!

Save time & money, and avoid problems with your Employees, Labor, Fiscal, IMMS (social security), Infonavit and other Obligations, using different specialized Services for the Human Capital for your Company.

Such as Payroll Outsourcing; Software Rental for Payroll and HR modules; Personnel Administration Services; and Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO); especially designed for medium sized companies or new foreign incomers in México, which are not prepared for the administrative tasks related to personnel management.

The knowledge and skills of medium-sized and start-up companies, are generally limited to the professional experience of their business, and not to the knowledge or legal, fiscal and administrative experience of Mexican’s Obligations, related to their personnel, limiting or hindering the growth and development of the company.

Your company does not have to make big financial outlays to create and develop a Human Resources infrastructure, nor have to hire internal specialists in the labor, tax and legal areas; since you will have our support, to be able to focus on the reason of your business.