Payroll Outsourcing Services in México

Payroll Outsourcing Service is a term created in 1980, with the aim of responding to the growing trend in large companies, to transfer their payroll systems to specialized service suppliers.

Payroll Outsourcing Services is also known as Payroll Maquila, that supports the needs of national and foreign companies; processing activities related to payroll, such: as payment to employees, having compliance with labor and tax obligationsin México.

 To enter into an payroll outsourcing or payroll processing service contract with a specialized outsourcing company in México; It is necessary to investigate background information, such as: seniority, current clients, request references, experience, legal and fiscal scheme under which they work.

  Outsourcing to a  third party company has a lot to do with subcontracting and establishing an alliance with an expert firm, which will streamline your processes, activities, tasks, labor and tax obligations related to your payroll; that do not belong to that organization, but they will support it as if it were.

  The scope of an payroll processing service, is defined by the guidelines established in the service work contract that must be provided, corresponding to the remuneration for each employee, such as: The worker will perform services compatible with their skills, status or condition, of the same gender of those that form the object of the activity to which your company is focused; the remuneration must be appropriate to the nature of the services, and may not be less than the minimum wage already established by law, nor that which is paid for work of the same nature in the region and in the company itself.

 These details help to easily determine the provision of the service and the remuneration in those work contracts, where there is no express stipulation, a situation that frequently occurs in Mexico.

 The hiring of a payroll outsourcing or payroll processing service, turns out to be extremely attractive, since a specialized company takes the responsibility for the timely payment of wages to your employees, tax, labor and social security obligations, which It entails having payroll disbursements.

 It is important to recapitulate the responsibilities that are generated in your company for having employees, among them are:

  • Have specialized personnel to perform the payroll calculation
  • Handling individual workers' records
  • Maintaining attendance controls
  • General payroll file and all payment vouchers
  • To collect and cover the income tax or withholding tax withheld from workers and service providers
  • Annual informative statement of wages and salaries, salary credit and work risk premium
  • Risks of determination of differences by the Mexican Social Security Institute
  • Appointments before the labor defense attorney's office, and attention to labor demands
  • Employee portal that allows access to the information of each employee

  As you can see, in the case of payroll outsourcing services, there are many advantages of managing it under this outsourcing scheme.

  Hence the importance of knowing well your next outsourcing services partner, and having a good contract with a well-established company, serious and with proven experience.

 Payroll outsourcing advantages?

 For a foreign company, it is imperative to use this service, so you can focus on your "Core Business" and take advantage of the specialization of companies such as Grupo Ono.

 The tranquility and the time that you will have available, will allow you to focus on the HR Strategy, derived the operational activities of matters related to laws and authorities, which are handled by experts in the field, since the payroll administration assumes this obligation.

 The payroll outsourcing or maquila is the service that is needed in any company, regardless of its size: small, medium or large; since it is a labor and fiscal obligation, being necessary to control these operational processes, fundamental for the proper functioning of your Company in México.

 In these times of opportunity, where there is a need to pay much more attention to the Strategy, the Plans, the employees alignment with the functions of your company; executing the fundamental tasks for which the organizations were created.

Are you using payroll outsourcing in your company?; which were your experience?


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