Importance of Strategy and Planning for HR in Mexico

 Companies have to face important challenges in an uncertain and volatile international market, in addition to considering the change of government in Mexico with new economic and social policies. Now, the human aspect becomes a key element, making it necessary to have a Human Resources Strategy and Planning to achieve it.

There are some companies, they will try to reduce or keep costs under control; and there will be other foreign and national companies that wish to make investments, requiring compliance with their labor and fiscal obligations.

 Mexico fortunately, continues generating business opportunities to develop and grow each investment. In order to take advantage of them, companies can complement themselves with specialized outsourcing services initiatives, which allow them to attract the best talent plus services for their administration; or supporting their payroll with outsourcing services, or contracting payroll software with human resources modules, which facilitate their human capital management and administration of any type of organization, in order to have the time and resources to focus on their core business.

Human Resources strategy and planning


Importance of human capital

 To better understand the importance of the human capital in Mexico, let us review some conclusions of the annual survey of Perspectives of Senior Management in Mexico 2018, prepared by KPMG; who rescues the perceptions and expectations of 906 senior executives from all industries on fundamental business issues.

 Their answers will transform knowledge into value (words of Roberto Cabrera, Partner of KPMG), which delineates the main strategies that organizations will take to reach high levels of competitiveness in the next three years:

  • The first one is to focus on the client. The consumer has taken more power and their expectations are different: they do not buy products or services, but experiences...
  • The next strategy is to promote innovation and digital transformation, which is becoming increasingly important due to the speed of changes nowadays.
  • Investing in the efficiency of organizational processes to reduce costs is the third priority.
  • Last, but not least, is the investment in the development the human talent, to strengthen the quality of companies from within. In addition for being a strategy that has the potential to increase competitiveness, staffing is valued as a very important factor for growth, given that their strength contributes to the processes efficiency and to survive in the face of great transformations.

  The competitiveness of organizations will depend on the above factors, and the optimal strategies decided by their leaders will be key to the expected growth in a scenario of uncertainty with numerous challenges.

 That is why the strategy and planning of human resources, become an essential requirement for each organization, being fundamental areas that should control each company.


Human Resource Strategy

 The human capital strategy will allow us to align human resources with the business objectives for each company. What in a company may be valid; may not be valid for other organizations. Therefore, it is essential to take corporate objectives as a reference and apply them in the area of Human Resources, to support what the company expects in the short, medium and long term mission.

Just to remember a bit the corporate process:

- The Company must be clear about its mission and vision

- Have a SWOT study; of strengths, opportunities, weaknesses and threats

- Long-term business objectives, including the human resources part

- Based on the above, we can define our human resources strategy

- And having our strategy, we can start the process of planning human resources


Human Resources Planning Process

 The process of human resources planning is a flow of activities and actions by which the general management ensures the sufficient number of qualified personnel, in the right place and at the right time. Thus, the staff will be able to perform efficiently and effectively the tasks that will help the organization to meet its business objectives (source: Melinda del Carmen Alfaro).

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