Investing in your Human Capital in México


 Investing in a strategic HR program is critical to the success of your organization. Ono Outsourcing Group has a Human Capital Management Practice, that provides a full spectrum of HR outsourcing and consulting services designed to improve productivity, acquire and retain talent, reduce administrative tasks, Payroll processing, minimizing customer’s risks.

 Supported by specialized resources, Ono Outsourcing Group delivers innovative services scalable to clients’ organizations and tailored to their needs. Our professionals work closely with clients of all sizes to determine the approach best suited to their business objectives, while maintaining a collaborative working environment aligned with every Client’s organization, rules, infrastructure, and culture.
The Services include:

  • Interim and long-term HR support
  • RPO (Recruitment process outsourcing)
  • Payroll process outsourcing
  • HR software technology development with payroll and human resources modules
  • Human Capital management and administration


Who is Ono Outsourcing Group?

 Is a Group of leading companies, specialized in Human Capital at the Mexican Market. With over 20 years of experience and specialists in areas of Labor, Tax, Social Security, Legal and IT; with qualified professionals in payroll, recruitment & selection, payroll outsourcing services, personnel administration and rental of software for payroll and human resources modules.

We guarantee the total quality of our services!


Outsourcing Services for the human capital of foreign companies in Mexico!

 Save time & money!; avoiding problems with your Employees, Labor, Fiscal, IMMS (social security), Infonavit and other Government Obligations; using different specialized Services for the Human Capital, depending on specific need of your Company.

 With services such as Payroll Outsourcing; Software Rental for Payroll and HR modules; Personnel Administration Services; Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO); especially designed for all sized companies for new or experienced foreign incomers in México, which are not prepared for the administrative tasks related to personnel management.


Why choosing Ono Outsourcing Group?

 In Ono Outsourcing Group, we have specialized services for Payroll, Personnel, Payroll & HR Software Rental, where we apply principles & obligations to be able to provide greater value to your human resources.

 We work hand to hand with you, to create real solutions to your specific Company's needs in México.

 With more than 20 years of experience, we have been a business partner for numerous companies, providing human capital outsourcing services successfully, developing our own working system, and always respecting policies and rules of each Client.

Are you Planning to invest with a Company & Human Capital in México?


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Ono Outsourcing is a group of leading companies in the market, with more than 20 years of experience with qualified professionals, in the field of payroll outsourcing services, software rental, personnel administration services, and RPO.


We guarantee the total quality of our services!